To carry out a concept like Call-a-Cuppa Mr Anuj Patel needed not just regular team players, but a team that was purpose-aligned and hands on. We believe that for a brand to be successful every employee has to contribute and be a part of it for it to grow. The Call-a-Cuppa team is a small team of professionals, who are constantly keeping themselves updated with the tea world over. With detailing & study the team wants to ensure that every cup is tastefully served. 

They are passionate and technology driven and want to take this concept to new heights. Mr Anuj Patel has taken great care to ensure he moves forward with the best. They operate with a high degree of interdependence as well as work their ideas independently; they are accountable for their own as well as their colleague’s performance. This team works together to ensure that the cup delivered to the customer is just the way the customer wants it. This mutual commitment creates a synergy, which drives the Call-a-Cuppa team to their optimum performance. 

This is a team based venture, which cannot be successful if any one team player does not perform;hence Mr Anuj has ensured the entire team is on the same page & performance driven.