Call-a-Cuppa has developed & planned to patent a mobile beverage system (MBS) with a controlled dispensing mechanism, which can be strapped as a backpack. This MBS unit is designed to carry around 100 cups (50 ml) of any hot beverage. The idea is to enable your local chaiwala deliver piping hot tea/coffee in a high density commercial area. 

The current bottleneck is that the normal kitli (chaiwala) does not keep the tea/coffee hot to enable optimized coverage per visit in a building nor can it cater to different requirements at a go (e.g. Tea with elaichi, tea with ginger etc) which we plan to overcome by designing a parallel pass mechanism in the dispenser to add the customer’s choice of flavor. Though dispensed from the same dispenser, no two flavors will be the same. 

Call-a-Cuppa is a complete package of a TechnoTEA and is a complete online/app based ordering mechanism e.g. the customer can order XXX number of cups at YYY time within 3 kms. The running counter will show his bill for the order as well as the cumulative bill. We may add payment gateways at a later date (Paytm, mobile banking etc). 

From temperature control to all kinds of flavors TechnoTEA is just the beginning. Mr Anuj Patel has a vision to make tea drinkers enjoy every sip and come back for more.

TechnoTEA will be serving to Indian Railways, corporate, hospitals, party catering etc

Now order your tea anywhere you want and just the way you like it!