India can almost be synonymous with TEA, this popular beverage is an addiction and a necessity for a few. India is the world’s largest producer of tea and most of its production happens in Assam, Darjeeling & Nilgiri. This aromatic beverage is prepared & consumed differently the world over, which makes it extremely interesting to study. Now, India owns many global tea brands as well, making it a well quipped industry with a good foothold in India. Though tea started with an ambiguous beginning, what followed leaves no scope for questions. 

The Indian tea or ‘chai’ as it’s fondly called is almost a norm in India, from its distinct flavors to its different types. Not only is this refreshing beverage had with breakfast, but had anytime during the day,a concept more common in the north. The varieties of tea are endless and ofcourse the same cuppa is priced differently at different venues. There is nothing to beat the classic Indian tea which is cooked and boiled for a good ten minutes before it is served piping hot. Every individual has their own preference in the way they like their tea and that cannot be compromised, tea lovers would agree with me. 

The tea gardens in India are also definitely worth a see for their expansive carpets of green and the tea gardens. Most of the tea is manufactured from these territories, which is the reason for its freshness and consistent taste. CTC (crush, tear, curl) and orthodox are the two primary ways of producing tea in India. 

Call-a-Cuppa is a brand which will take tea drinking to another level with its technoTEA concept. This staple beverage will be prepared and served through a dispenser, which will ensure the right temperature and flavor. Tea enthusiasts will not need to look any further for their favorite cuppa the day, just log in and order as simple as that.