Chug it! That’s the mantra behind that healthy nutritious glass. The real deal behind this scrumptious glass of goodness is it can be had at anytime; there is no time or place for it. We at ‘callacuppa’ are ready with your favorite anytime drink, order it and down it – as simple as that. This fresh & full of flavor drink is blended and freshly-squeezed for your daily dose of 5. Full of vitality and super taste our juices are served from our dispensers, which are custom made.

Combinations of different flavors to your citrus kick of the day these juices will spruce up and lighten the day. They are power packed with nutrients and vitamin C and ensure you pack in a punch. So for more power and that action filled day you can have your quick fix of vitamins at the same time every day. We deliver at your doorstep and its hassle free. Replenish your energy levels and recharge your metabolism and enjoy the zing.

Our juices work well for a kick start and as a revitalizer, but just don’t take our word for it, try it and see the difference. This raw coldpressed drink comes in various flavors, which will greatly depend on the time of the year. We at callacuppa believe in serving what is in season and ensure we don’t add the sugar and added flavors; it will be as organic as that! 

Deliriously delicious this colorful start to your day or a little break during those busy hours will add the bounce and jump to your step. This liquid drink is naturally contained and is filled with protein and nutrients. You can try our different combinations and recipes to decide on the one you like best. Benefits of regular juicing are numerous and if it is served at your doorstep every day at the same time, you will be soon be out of excuses.