The smell of roasted coffee beans is enough to wake a person from even a deep slumber, that’s the magic of coffee. Coffee & tea will always be at war, and unfortunately, there is no winner. The coffee drinkers swear by their cuppa and the tea drinkers could kill for theirs. So, if you’re a coffee geek, coffee lover, and an ardent coffee fan we will ensure we don’t let you down. Your cuppa will be brewed to perfection just the way you want it! Your daily coffee will keep you spruced up and geared for that daunting schedule ahead of you.

That daily dose of caffeine is not just a beverage; it’s a culture, a fad, an art and a passion for some. Whether you’re a cappuccino fan or need your espresso shot at callacuppa we brew it just right. The history of this beverage is indeed unique and one cannot say it with certainty how did it start and where did it come from, but some say we can trace its heritage to the Ethiopian plateau. Coffee comes from a seed which is dried, roasted and ground to brew coffee. Coffee beans can be planted to grow coffee trees. Well, these are just some facts and a little history about your favorite beverage, but which you must already know.

Coffee drinkers are found all around the world, but the way its taken still varies from person to person. Filter coffee, Americano, cappuccino, espresso, flavored coffees, lattes and more are some trendy coffees as compared with our traditional simple coffees brewed with milk & water. This regularly consumed beverage is a much needed drink for habitual caffeine drinkers. We at callacuppa understand your taste and ensure you get your daily fix. 

There is no real comparison between tea & coffee and there is no real winner so whether it’s your cup of java or that pot of tea you start your day with, everything goes just as well!