Traditional, Indian masala, elaichi, ginger, mint, cinnamon, green, black, organic, white, oolong,Earl, arjeeling Assam, English, fruit, ice, rooibos, decaffeinated and so on, but there is one special chai, which is not mentioned above, which is ‘My Cuppa’. This special cup is brewed and made according to individual taste. Non-tea drinkers will not understand this. The joy of tea is not into experimenting for the regular tea lovers; their cuppa tea has to be brewed and made to their perfect taste. I would almost get up and make my own tea even in a restaurant if Icould. It’s that important!

Now that we’ve almost understood the concept of the importance of ‘My Cuppa’ let me take you through the small nuances of this interesting beverage. How each sip is infused with the taste of the valleys and each cup is full of freshness. So, here we focus and share our secret of that magical cup brewed to perfection. Now as we delve into the world of the tea masters, how do we decide who the final arbiter is? Well, unlike wine tasting and death by chocolate, tea is an unusual beverage, which needs to be understood before it’s served.My day starts with a morning ritual of this beverage, which is cooked to perfection by me. I cannot take the risk of giving that task to someone else. The fate of the entire day depends on it. This brew has different definitions of perfection and every tea drinker knows the way he/she likes it. Tea can be a constant companion in times of need, stress, joy and work. This culinary journey is no mean feat and we at Callacuppa aim to make your cuppa ‘just for you’. It’s your daily cuppa and we learn how it should be served. So, with all flavors and varieties the possibilities are endless, but we ensure to inspire creativity in you with your own little ‘cuppa’.