Insanity to sanity the significance of TEA cannot be confined to words. Comfort drink to refreshment to necessity the pleasure of TEA is immeasurable. It’s not only a popular beverage all over the world, but almost a ritual. Call-a-Cuppa is the brainchild of one such tea lover, who not only loves his tea but wants to ensure a happy cup to all. Mr Anuj Patel an enterprising entrepreneur who with his extensive research & tech savvy team wanted to bring the concept of Call-a-Cuppa to life.

Brewing a good cuppa is something not everyone can do, and I loathe bad tea. Rod Stewart

The entire concept is based on technology and know-your-tea. With the perfect temperature to the right flavor this tea will be delivered to your door step. With distinct flavors and complete hygiene standards maintained this tea will set a new trend. There were test runs & trials before this concept finally came to life, Mr Patel left no stone unturned. This perfectionist wants to take this national drink to another level starting with the state of Gujarat. The vision for Call-a-Cuppa is to make this chat-over- chai concept a movement.

I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea. Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Call-a-Cuppa is planned to the ‘T’ from its dispensing mechanism to its audience; this mobile beverage system (MBS) will take the city by storm. From the local chaiwalla to the corporate offices this mobile tea will be made available to all. Adhering to time frames and delivering the best Call-a-Cuppa will ensure every cup is met with a smile. The entire outline & plan with the best in technology Call-a-Cuppa will be your own little Tea Party every day.

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